5 Tips to Win That Bidding War with Financing

As a buyer bidding to win in this kind of market, it’s something you need to come to grips with. additional important bidding war tip: Many real estate agents put language in real estate contracts that say "subject to home appraising for purchase price or higher." Adding this kind of clause defeats the purpose of trying to beat another buyer.

Revival of the home-bidding war. The bidding war for a home is not extinct. Bidding wars are cropping up in some parts of the country. While it’s a far cry from the heady days of the real estate.

How To Win A Bidding War In A Seller’s Market. Inventory in many areas is low and in Alexandria, it’s severely low. Other areas of Northern Virginia are experiencing the same conditions. Homes are receiving multiple offers within hours of coming on the market.

Five Strategies to Help You Win a Bidding War Between the romanticization of house-flipping through the advent of reality TV and a relatively low mortgage rates, real estate is hotter than ever. With this perfect concoction, you may just find yourself in a bidding war.

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5 Tips for Winning a House Bidding War.. Financing or inspection contingencies can make sellers nervous about potential delays, so avoid these conditions if you can. In some states, you may be entitled to an inspection even without this contingency. In Georgia, for instance, buyers have a.

 · 5. Place your bid. Even with the best intentions, the excitement of the auction can cause you to overbid or lose out on a potential property. To keep this from happening, keep these tips in mind:

 · Stay calm, kind and professional “When a bidding war ensues, it’s pretty easy to get carried away by your desire to win and lose sight of the bigger picture,” observes Blair Sheehan, a licensed real estate salesperson at Prevu.. “Draw a line in.

5 Tips To Help You Win A Real Estate Bidding War. Having said that, buyers are advised to provide documents that showcase their ability to cover closing costs and a sizeable down payment. Those with the financial means to do so may even make a larger-than-normal earnest money deposit to underscore their seriousness.

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