Average prices in the UK increased by 1.4% in the year to March 2019, official data shows – PropertyWire

GDP quarterly national accounts, UK: January to march 2019. revised quarterly estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) for the UK. Uses additional data to provide a more precise indication of economic growth than the first estimate.

Average UK rents up 2.1% year on year in September, index data shows Added by D_Property at October 11, 2017 Average rents across the UK increased by 2.1% in September when compared to the same month a year ago taking the average monthly rent to 927, the latest index shows.

There is a good reason behind gold’s price performance: it trades in a large and liquid market, yet it is scarce. Mine production has increased by an average of 1.4% per year for the past 20 years. At the same time consumers, investors and central banks have all contributed to higher demand. 3

House price growth in the UK was 4.7% in the 12 months to the end of May 2017, taking the average value of a home to £220,713, the latest official data shows. 4.3% in the year to the end of March.

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Property prices in the UK increased. up 3.3% year on year and 1.5% month on month while in Wales prices increased by 1.7% year on year and 1.9% month on month to an average of £139,385. In England,

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The average UK house price was 227,000 in March, up 1.4% on the same month a year earlier. The national and regional variations in house prices reveal the differing picture for property buyers. Location is key to house prices, ONS data shows. prices in the capital rose by 4.9% in the year to the end of April, compared with a national average of 1.4%. There was a fall of 1.3% in prices in the North West of England, and Yorkshire and the Humber, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

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Median household disposable income in the UK was 29,400 in the financial year ending (FYE) 2019, up 1.4% (400) compared with FYE 2018, after accounting for inflation. This continues a period of modest growth over recent years; median income grew by an average of 0.7% per year between FYE 2017.