Banks shed €30bn in ‘sour’ loans

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 · The NPLs fell to 1.05 trillion yuan last year, and the NPL ratio shed 0.66 percentage point to 1.77 percent from a year earlier.

Italian banks are set to shed 70 billion euros ($82 billion) in bad loans in 2018, with a strong market for disposing of such assets in prospect in the years ahead, PwC said on Wednesday.

Home News News Non-approval of $30bn loan stalls standard gauge projects -FG Non-approval of $30bn loan stalls standard gauge projects -FG On November 28, 2018 6:12 pm In News by Nwafor.

Investors look for QE clue from ECB forecast Investors are eagerly awaiting the release of the European Central Bank’s next set of inflation forecasts on Thursday, which will be the first to.

ECB data showed NPL and advances held by the euro zone’s 107 top banks fell to 627.7 billion, or 4.17% of the total, in the three months to September. That was down from 657.15 billion, or 4.40% of the total, and the end of the second quarter. Large falls were seen in Cyprus, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain, and also in Germany.

ARCs feast on stressed hotels as banks shed bad debt After failing to recover loans to the hospitality sector, banks are selling these properties to asset reconstruction companies (ARCs). Edelweiss ARC and the Delhi-based Alchemist ARC are some of the companies which are actively buying out the bad debt in the hospitality sector.

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Issuance of non-performing debt securities set to jump in 2017. However, the appeal of asset-backed securities issued by Italian banks is likely to depend on a convincing political solution to the 360bn of problematic loans on its balance sheets, representing about 20 per cent of the country’s total amount of outstanding loans, according to S&P.

 · The deal, which Intesa’s board will discuss on Tuesday, values the unit at 0.5 billion euros and the bad loans at 3.1 billion euros, implying an overall net capital gain for the bank of 400.

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