Editorial: How a misguided petition could throw a wrench in the KCI debate

 · Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp and Jon Tester just have to keep their mouths shut and not show up, and by not showing up, throw a monkey wrench in the works. That’s where we come in.

Chicago Tribune – Editorial: Revive yucca mountain: illinois has more nuclear waste than any other state, all of it in temporary storage Midwest Energy News – Ohio nuclear bill could clash with federal law, conceals info from public – Kathiann M. Kowalski

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They’re not wrong on that: The alleged terrorizer of widows and orphans does not propose to balance the budget of the government of the United States until the year 2040. That would be 27 years after Congressman Ryan’s current term of office expires. Who knows what could throw a wrench in those numbers? Suppose Beijing decides to seize Taiwan.

Bieter proposes smaller lots, more in-law units to fight housing-cost increases Rep. lawrence proposed The number of high-risk mortgages in the UK jumped by 15% last year, with 101,380 approved by banks, according to analysis of mortgage data. The Bank of England says mortgages should be considered.

Editorial: How a misguided petition could throw a wrench in the KCI debate | The kansas city star

KC Star editorial: Mizzou’s struggles could spell opportunity for UMKC P-D editorial: Black clergy who tacitly encourage violence are not true leaders Washington Missourian’s Bill Miller: Hazardous waste storage; Feds, state demand notification of potential issues but don’t offer same courtesy to local governments X

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Using The Pareto Principle to Improve Your Finances Learn how to use the Pareto Analysis Diagram to look in a practical way at problems (80%). For example a financial approach (improvement of profits) will focus on how the score. The identified problems are grouped based on their causes.

Shortly after courageous Senators, fed up with obstruction, changed Senate rules to allow a simple majority to end a filibuster, AFJ president nan aron wrote this in The huffington post:. Clearly, going forward, the Republicans will be in no mood to be cooperative and will almost certainly use every tactic they can think of to throw a wrench into the process.