Govt allocates Ksh 450.9B to fund Big Four Agenda – KBC

News 2019The government has allocated Ksh 450.9 billion to fund the big four agenda. Manufacturing received the largest allocation of Ksh 125.4 billion while food security was earmarked Ksh 55.9 billion. Here are the highlights of how the government plans to spend on the Big Four agenda.

Also Read Govt allocates Ksh 450.9B to fund Big Four Agenda Opposition leader Raila Odinga who was also present saying his party ODM was working to introduce a legal framework that will curtail leaders using the church as the laundering point for ill-gotten cash a position supported by a host of leaders who also attended the burial.

Government has allocated about 87million Kwacha to set up an infrastructure Fund. Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Finance Mr Mukuli Chikuba said the Infrastructure fund will be used to finance projects with financing from the infrastructure bonds, development banks and private funds such as shares.

Counties get funds to create municipal boards. Counties have started receiving cash for. Students Urged to Practice to Perfect in Mathematics. The first runners up for the. Govt allocates Ksh 450.9B to fund Big Four Agenda. The government has allocated Ksh 450.9. Governors risk being locked out of Nairobi offices due to rent arrears

KBC Channel 1. Subscribe Subscribed. Govt allocates Ksh 450.9B to fund Big Four Agenda – duration: 3 minutes, 17. KPA working with government to develop requisite content for CBC.

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