Hondurans in South Florida ‘hopeless’ after Trump administration ends immigration protection TPS

The decision, while not a surprise, prompted dismay among Haitian communities in South Florida. Center condemned the decision to end the haitians’ protected status, calling it “yet another example.

The Trump Administration announced it will permanently end Temporary Protected Status – TPS – for Haitians living in the U.S. on July 22, 2019. The Department of homeland security (dhs) had warned Haitians back in May that their TPS could be terminated on January 22, 2018.

On Friday, the Trump administration announced the cancellation of the Temporary Protected Status, or TPS Keren Sarmiento, a Honduran immigrant who arrived in South Florida as a baby, was The TPS program began in 1990 to provide protection to immigrants from 10 countries affected by.

The Trump administration will reportedly end temporary protections for immigrants in the U.S. from Honduras, leaving thousands vulnerable to It is the latest in a series of decisions by President Donald Trump to shut down temporary protected status (tps) granted to immigrants after natural.

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Former President Barack Obama’s administration granted Haitian nationals in the United States so-called Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, for 18 months after. end TPS for Haitians is part of.

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The decision to end TPS for Haitians is part of Trump’s broader efforts to tighten restrictions on immigration, and comes despite Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida published an opinion piece in the Miami Herald on Friday urging the administration to renew Haiti’s TPS designation for.

The Trump administration is ending immigration protections for 57,000 Hondurans living in the US. The Trump administration announced Friday it will end temporary protected status (TPS) for some 57,000 Honduran immigrants who have lived in the US for years.

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South Florida community. Protected Status, or TPS – the immigration status that protected her from deportation and that the Trump administration announced Monday will end on July 22, 2019. If.

Similar scenes played out at many parking lots and street corners throughout South Florida. Status, or TPS. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians, Hondurans, Nicaraguans and Salvadorans are currently.

By Mica Rosenberg and Gustavo Palencia NEW YORK/TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – The Trump administration said on Friday it will end temporary protections for immigrants in the United States from Honduras on Jan. 5, 2020, leaving potentially 57,000 people vulnerable to deportation.