One major tax deadline is here. Now, get ready for the next one

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Mark your calendars for these 2018 tax-free shopping dates! In just a few weeks, select states (shared below) will once again host Tax-Free Weekends, where you can purchase clothing, footwear, school supplies, computers, and other items without paying sales tax.

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Tax Day is almost here. We get the whole weekend as extra time, rather than needing to have everything turned in by tomorrow. But, for many of us, this still isn’t enough time to get things together. Indeed, Tax Day might have snuck up on you. I know that the entire month April is flashing by a lot faster than I thought it would.

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Ready or not, tax season, defined as the first day that the IRS accepts tax forms to the tax filing deadline, will be here soon. For the 2018 filing season (covering the 2017 tax year), tax season begins on Monday, January 19 and ends on Tuesday, April 17. The traditional April 15 th date is pushed back two days in.

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As always, meeting with your financial advisor early and often will ensure your questions are answered. important dates and Deadlines. During the 2018 tax season 1099 Consolidated Statements will be mailed in four phases in order to meet all IRS deadlines, reduce errors, and reduce the need to mail a corrected 1099.

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Take a deep breath, read on, and get ready for your simplest tax season imaginable. Hoping for a refund? Estimate My Taxes Now. The big.