r/PoliticalHumor – Instead let’s waste money on endless wars, the stupid wall, and stupid laws.

Are Americans as Stupid as the Media Think They Are? (Maybe). "He does what Wall Street and the bankers tell him to do" may well ring false to some Republicans, like bankers.. Don’t let big.

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Since the neocons’ emergence as big-time foreign policy players in the Reagan administration, they also have demonstrated extraordinary resilience, receiving a steady flow of money often through..

 · Agostino, what you stated is part of human nature. We always see after the conclusion of any war, the victors usually take revenge on their adversaries as they see fit-torture, abuse, rape etc That is the unfortunate human response. No amount of human laws like the Geneva conventions can check such atrocities.

We R Stupid, is India’s only channel, where the videos are not only research based, but also supported by articles and Ebooks. Enough of bull, by self-procla.

If you’re a human being, you were probably as excited as we were about Star Wars: The Force Awakens– or as we call it, Star Wars 4: George Lucas Was Doing His Dishes Thousands Of Miles Away.As fans, we demand that Disney give us the same fuzzy-feeling, space operatic awesomeness of the original trilogy, and less of the brain-numbing, toy-shilling, candy-colored fever dream that was the prequels.

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Each state establishes its own legal criteria for stalking. Laws generally require multiple unwanted contacts and mandate that a victim fear for his or her safety. A coworker who comes back to see a.

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What Trump wants is enemies. He needs enemies so his supporters can focus their anger to blame someone else for whatever problems they have. Even if Mexico agreed to build and pay for a wall on the Mexican/US border (which is a truly stupid waste of resources), Trump would say he wanted something else as well.