Report: Bank C.E.O. Tried to Bribe Trump Administration in the Dumbest Way Possible

 · Michael Bloomberg’s $500 million anti-Trump moonshot – Billionaire philanthropist Michael Bloomberg is preparing to spend at least $500 million from his own pocket to deny President Donald Trump a second term, according to Democratic operatives briefed on his plans.

Candidate #2. Crime is defined by who commits it. If a young black man grabs a white woman by the crotch, he’s a thug and deserves to be roughed up by police officers. But if donald trump grabs a white woman by the crotch in a nightclub (as he’s accused of doing, and denies), it’s locker-room high jinks.

They should just alert us to the nature of politics, why we don’t want political decisions being made in these kinds of areas, why we don’t want bribes being paid. I am glad for the exposure, Lew Rockwell, Editor of, told RT. The Clinton foundation could face scrutiny when Donald Trump becomes president as his administration reportedly plans to pressure foreign governments.

Report: Bank C.E.O. Tried to Bribe Trump Administration in the Dumbest Way Possible. By . Bess Levin. Hollywood.. I would like my life back." Unless he’s judging by some sort of foreign.

Report: Bank C.E.O. Tried to Bribe Trump Administration in the Dumbest Way Possible Something you may have picked up on in the 385 years Donald Trump has held office is that the process of scoring a presidential favor or a gig in the.

And either way, the President’s in. in October to monitor activities in Trump tower. On Wednesday, a New York Times report said White House officials took efforts in the closing days of the Obama.

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The state’s attorney has tried to frame the abandonment of the case as a win for the city, taking solace in the fact that Smollett agreed to perform community service. It’s also a matter of priorities.

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