Should you opt for home loan overdraft facility?

The lowest ten-year fixed-rate mortgage to date. on their overdrafts, but if you are in that position, you can avoid the worst fees by moving to a more competitive account, or one without an.

So no tax deductions, if you choose to opt for overdraft facility vis-a-vis normal prepayment. 4. Banking transactions If, in the normal course, there are many inflows and outflows in your bank account (e.g. in case of a business), the overdraft facility works quite well. Instead of the normal account, you use the home loan linked overdraft account.

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You should opt for cheaper interest rate or bargain with your. “Customers should also look for facilities whereby the home loan company approves the loan even before the property is selected or.

When to opt for the home loan overdraft? "The home loan overdraft facility is a good option, if you are sure that you will be able to save some extra money every month, after paying the regular EMI. It is also good for self-employed people, who have access to short-term liquidity," says Rishi Mehra, CEO,

When you are in need of cash, the bank allows you two options. You can choose a personal loan or use the overdraft facility. When you opt for a personal loan. and pay back over a longer term then.

One way out of this problem could be to opt for the home loan overdraft facility with the home loan account. This will reduce the interest payment and the loan tenure and if needed, one will also be able to withdraw the surplus amount that has been deposited in the home loan account anytime from the bank, should an emergency arise.

Personal Loan vs Overdraft Account: Which is better? You can choose a personal loan or use the overdraft facility. When you opt for a personal loan, it is not secured against an asset like your.

You should opt for a home loan overdraft facility only if you often have high amounts of surplus funds available with you. Else, in the long run, it might translate into a higher cost home loan compared to a conventional home loan.

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