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Now Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has a plan to stop Democrats in their tracks with a new constitutional amendment. What are the details? In an op-ed for Fox News, Rubio explained that for a "divided nation [to] overcome corrosive tribalism," principled leaders must stop the intentional deterioration of fundamental American institutions like the Supreme Court.

Dealing with Damaging Institutional Inertia. But, nowadays, key political and economic institutions are being pressured by unusual fluidity in their operating environments and the effects of a cumulative loss of trust on the part of their constituencies.

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In that, they're just like the rest of us.. Millennials aren't, it seems, the trusting type.. That's according to new polling by Harvard University's Institute of. No one is spared their side-eyed looks.. Interactions with people with whom they disagree and entities such as Congress or the news media dwindle.

For Republicans, Amazon ranked third among institutions they had confidence in; Military ranked first, and local police. So there's nothing really stopping him,” Reid said.. “It is not at the front of the agenda among Liberal Democrats, but it might in the future.". Nicole Karlis is a news writer at Salon.

The Ultimate Truth about Housing Affordability Jamel Toppin Last week, Microsoft promised to invest $500 million to help fight the growing housing affordability crisis in the Seattle region, where the company has been based since 1979. The efforts.

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Americans Don’t Trust Their Institutions Anymore. These days, the inclination to rosary beads is far less likely in America following a turbulent election season; only 41 percent of Americans say they trust organized religion, down from 52 percent in 2006 and from 65 percent in 1973, when the question was first asked.

"Don’t Lay Your Liberties At The Feet Of Even A Great Man": Chief Justice The Constitution Day is "inextricably entwined" in our lives and it is in our best interest to pay attention to its advice.

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It's easy to look at Washington and conclude that nothing ever gets done.. But they disagree on the steps to get there, like cutting taxes, enacting the. by news media organizations like CBS, The New York Times and The.

Division will do nothing to build equal access to a growing economy. It won’t help sustain our environment. The will is there. But where is the trust? Data shows public trust in many of these.