Tiny houses (192-square-feet) make big debut at Southern Ideal Home Show

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Four Lights Tiny House Company puts the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Shafer started building tiny houses in the late 90s, and since then his designs have been featured on CNN, Oprah, and in The New York Times. He won the Natural Home’s ‘Home of the Year Award’ for Innovative Design in 2000.

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The Romeros have built a gorgeous home that demonstrate the another side of the "economic freedom" coin that tiny houses can offer: you can save money by living in one, or earn extra cash by.

Occasionally I get asked if I think tiny houses, or small houses are suitable for families and the answer really depends on the family. This family from Sauvie Island, an agricultural island 15 minutes north of Portland, are a great example of how a family can make the most of a small space, without having to step on each others toes.

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Victorian homes-turned-businesses in the downtown historic district serve as a picturesque backdrop for the fine arts show. voted “Best Craft or Art Show” by West Suburban Living magazine, the Geneva Arts Fair will showcase over 150 artists from around the country.

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A Small House 650 Square Feet With Big Porch 350 Square Feet | Small House Design Ideas Tiny House Lover. more time in the secondary structure than their main home.". Big In A Tiny House.

Tiny Texas Houses Tiny Texas Houses is another favorite which is founded by Brad Kittel. I found that this is one of the most interesting builders out there. These homes are almost 100% recycled, they are beautiful, all one-of-a-kind and Brad’s story is really interesting. Yes Wee Cabins Here I’ll show you Yes Wee Cabins tiny houses.

Tiny Houses (192-square-feet) Make Big Debut At Southern Ideal Home Show If "cozy" has always been your go-to word for the perfect home, the Southern Ideal Home Show is going to make your dream come true in the extreme this weekend.