VA Home Loan Myth Debunked!

Common VA Home Loan Myths Debunked. Myth 1: I need a perfect credit score to qualify for a VA home loan. This is one of the most common VA home loan myths out there. Similar to Conventional and FHA loans, lenders are looking for a 620 or higher credit score, which is quite a bit lower than the.

And financing it with a VA home loan can be confusing and a little scary — so much so, in fact, that myths around the VA home loan process run rampant. Some lenders even count on your ignorance about.

4 VA Home Loan Myths Debunked. With no down payment required and the backing of the federal government, it is hard to find fault with VA home loans. And when someone does find some sort of issue, it tends to be false.

Dismiss VA home loan myths about the federally backed, zero down loan program. Fact #1: VA home loans can be used to purchase foreclosed and short-sale with as little as no money down. VA-eligible.

VA Loan Myths – Debunked. California is home to the most active duty and prior military Veterans of any state and yet, our beautiful state ranks 34th in the percentage of Veterans using their VA. Here is an example of what this means in numbers. Virginia has 726,740 Veterans and 170,190 active VA loans.

VA loans have been the subject of many myths and rumors over the years, especially in military circles. So we’re here to debunk some of these myths you’ve probably heard as you’ve asked around about the VA loan process. VA loans have been the subject of many myths and rumors over the years, especially in military circles. 1.

Some home sellers don’t want to deal with would-be buyers who. To set the record straight, here are five myths about VA loans that no longer hold water. Slow to close. According to the Veterans.

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Get your VA Home loan facts straight from VA home loan specialist and local loan officer, Debra Denimarck.

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4 common VA loan myths debunked.. If you are selling your home, please do not exclude VA-backed loan applicants from your pool of buyers. They have put up with enough during their service time.