Wells Fargo closing two local branches, with Regions Bank also shutting an office

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Wells Fargo is closing over 400 bank branches.. year will be in close proximity to other locations it owns and many of the employees can be transferred to nearby branches.. metrics also.

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Wells fargo announced plans Friday to shut down more than 400 bank branches by the end of 2018. That’s on top of the 84 locations it closed in 2016. The acceleration of branch closures at Wells.

Those are two words that describes a number of Wells Fargo Bank customers in Tampa. Home; News. local;. wells fargo to close 400 branches nationwide.. "So if you’re closing down a branch.

Maxine Waters Says Regulators Should Consider Shutting Down Wells Fargo.. or even closing the bank down entirely.. "We do not see any risk to the ability of Wells Fargo to be a bank.

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Wells Fargo is closing two local branches, one in Columbus and another in Smiths Station. Regions Bank also shuttering office in Columbus.

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Bank branches in the old days. Dreamworks/"Catch Me If You Can"/YouTube America’s biggest banks are closing hundreds of branches.. Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan shut 389 branches.

Bank branches are critical to delivering financial services to individuals and businesses. As banks continue to consolidate and technology plays a bigger role in financial services, many branches are closing. Some have dramatic impact on a local community, particularly in rural and low-income neighborhoods.

 · Branches are vital to attracting new customers and cross-selling to existing ones, but they’re also expensive. Some banks, like Washington Federal (WAFD) and U.S. Bancorp (USB), continue to add branches. But most institutions are focused on pruning their networks to cut costs. Here’s a sampling of how banks are adjusting branch networks to suit changing strategies.

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Branch closure is already ongoing. Wells Fargo has already started closing some of its branches as part of its plan to boost efficiency. The company has so far shut down about 94 branches within the first half of this year including 54 branches closed within the second quarter of 2017. The bank plans to shut down an extra 250 branches in 2018.